An underwater intro to Nosy Be, Madagascar

El Día Internacional de la Paz en el Polo Norte

Hoy, mientras en Manhattan resonaba la Campana de la Paz, la tripulación del velero Infinity atracaba en el extremo Polo Norte para plantar una bandera a nombre de nuestro planeta y de la humanidad. Para ellos, como para millones más, había llegado la hora de dejar nacionalismos, corporativismos e individualismos para invitar a hacer un … Sigue leyendo El Día Internacional de la Paz en el Polo Norte

Down the corporate ladder and up the yard ladder

Three years ago I was on the beautiful island of Rote, Indonesia, with my mate Furlong, a.k.a. Sasha Mandinga, discussing with some Aussie surfers the feasibility of flying to Australia to learn how to sail and get jobs as deckhands. We had been enjoying touring across Indonesia on our motorbikes but realized that such an … Sigue leyendo Down the corporate ladder and up the yard ladder

The Beauty of Sailing Alaska

Shakedown in the Shumigans

On a rainy last day of April we set sail from Sand Point on Popof Island to Nagai Island. On our way out, not far from Egg island in the Unga Strait, three grey whales approached the boat to wish us fair winds. The shakedown proved useful: we discovered the watermaker had some leaks and … Sigue leyendo Shakedown in the Shumigans

Nagai Island, where Shumagin rests

Here are some pictures of Nagai ,specifically Eagle Harbour, our first ascent (1701ft) and Mist Harbour. We had to come back to Sand Point due to some issues with our watermaker and the satellite phone, but will be back out this Sunday, after the "cincou de meiyou" celebrations here.