Shakedown in the Shumigans

On a rainy last day of April we set sail from Sand Point on Popof Island to Nagai Island. On our way out, not far from Egg island in the Unga Strait, three grey whales approached the boat to wish us fair winds.

The shakedown proved useful: we discovered the watermaker had some leaks and that the satellite phone was not working properly, which meant we would not be able to download the crucial detailed wheather reports needed to sail the remote Aleutian islands.

Here is a video from these beautiful few days away from civilization and wifi.


Highlights: We tried to catch some crab but found our cage taken over by three large starfish. Craig, the captain, decided to go for a snorkel. A blizzard welcomed us back to Sand Point.

Happy Furlong Day, by the way!

Cocos (Keeling) to Rodrigues

With another sailing adventure on the horizon (from Sand Point, Alaska to Petropavlovsk Kamchatka), I again find myself full of unfinished material I’ve been meaning to publish on this blog, such as video, photos and stories from my Indian Ocean crossing. As a first step in this effort, here is some footage taken from Cocos (Keeling) to Rodrigues, a journey of 12 days and 2,007 nautical miles; roughly 3,700 km.

Early morning, fishing lines out:

One of many stunning Indian Ocean sunsets.

Sometimes you are forced to watch the sunset with the engine on…


Coming into Port Mathurin

The anchorage

Refuelling with the utmost efficiency

A little degustation before properly stocking up.

Rodrigues is a beautiful part of Mauritius, populated by genuinely hospitable people, which I strongly recommend to anyone wishing to escape to a paradise in middle of nowhere.

Sailing “Un Jour”



Cocos (Keeling), Australia

Cruzando el Océano Indio; Bali a Cocos.


Quizás algún día se embarque conmigo alguien que sepa filmar y editar. Entretanto, aquí mis mejores esfuerzos.

Aquí un link a unas fotos del mismo trayecto.



Veleando el Andaman. Resumen de un año y medio flotando en la oficina.