The People of the Ring of Fire

In my last post I mentioned my concern at having reached the climax of the trip while sailing along the Aleutian Islands, and how this concern proved unfounded when we reached Kamchatka. I then left Russia quite sad, feeling I had barely scrapped the surface of this remote frontier and convinced I would do all … Sigue leyendo The People of the Ring of Fire


While sailing along the Aleutian Islands, marvelled by their volcanic beauty, the presence of walruses, orcas, sea lions, albatros, grey and humpback whales, I started wondering how I would ever top such an experience. And then we crossed over to Kamchatka. After six days on the open ocean, late in the evening, with a sun … Sigue leyendo Kamchatka

The Beauty of Sailing Alaska

De osos, volcanes y madrizas

Cuando en febrero Craig me contactó para invitarme a cruzar el Mar de Bering a bordo de su velero "Whakaari", un Cabo Rico de 40 pies, pensé que sería una buena oportunidad para adquirir experiencia en vientos fuertes, corrientes alocadas y olas altas. Le eché un ojo a su blog, echamos una skypeadita pa' conocernos … Sigue leyendo De osos, volcanes y madrizas

Shakedown in the Shumigans

On a rainy last day of April we set sail from Sand Point on Popof Island to Nagai Island. On our way out, not far from Egg island in the Unga Strait, three grey whales approached the boat to wish us fair winds. The shakedown proved useful: we discovered the watermaker had some leaks and … Sigue leyendo Shakedown in the Shumigans

Here are some pictures of Nagai ,specifically Eagle Harbour, our first ascent (1701ft) and Mist Harbour. We had to come back to Sand Point due to some issues with our watermaker and the satellite phone, but will be back out this Sunday, after the "cincou de meiyou" celebrations here.  

Nagai Island, where Shumagin rests