Bali to Cocos Keeling

Having chosen to travel without a computer, I can’t really be bothered with using my phone to write a detailed post on the run to Cocos Keeling, a little atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean. In the meantime, here is a visual appetizer.

Flying by Koh Yao Noi and Phang Nga Bay on the way from Phuket to Bali.

Painting of James Bond Island, Phuket, at Warung Sun Rice in Benoa Harbour. I take it as a good omen.

Ready to leave Bali again, 2 years after the roadtrip around Indonesia with Sacha Mandinga.

A hammock from Nuevo Durango, Quintana Roo, properly set up for some big game fishing.

Great weather and good winds cruising along towards Cocos Keeling

Fishing lines out. Great wind.

Passing Christmas Island on starboard.

After a couple of days of hardwork, I caught what I believe was a Barracuda Chevron, a.k.a. Wahoo, so a Rodrigan said.

Filets of H.M. the Wahoo seasoned in Montreal meat spices. It was also delicious as a ceviche.

End of a another day, start of another night shift from 7 to 11pm.

Cruising at 10.5kts, not bad for 25 tons of steel.

Arrival to Cocos Keeling after 8 days at sea.

The anchorage at Direction Island.

Some black tip sharks circling the boat. They made for great company while we scrubbed the hull.

Sunrise before raising the anchor and continuing towards Rodrigues, Mauritius.

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